What Makes Prominic Cloud Hosting for Notes Domino Different from other cloud providers?

What Sets Prominic Cloud Apart from Competition? If you are trying to decide which company to go with when it comes to moving your Domino applications, Notes email and other data to the cloud, here are some of the key differences that set Prominic apart.

Minimally Disruptive

Unlike others, we can join your environment and your existing Domino Domain instead of forcing you to reconfigure your environment to a brand new Domino domain. There is no need to make new ID files for all your users and all other cloud migration steps. Unlike other cloud companies, we will help you or handle the entire migration to the Prominic cloud. The result is a minimally disruptive transition, like adding another server to your environment, only in the cloud.

Custom IBM Domino Application Hosting

You can continue to run all custom Domino and Notes client applications . This includes XPages, Domino Classic ("R5" style), and Notes Client "legacy" applications with full compatibility with your in-house servers.

IBM Domino Monitoring and Recovery

We have built an extensive custom monitoring system to support our large infrastructure running Domino servers. This allows us to proactively monitor many things specific to Domino that other companies either ignore or do not monitor. We can show you which parts of your web app are the slowest! We can monitor your custom application to the point of being able to give you insights into it.

We Know Your Business

We get to know our customers. From the initial transition and customization of your hosting environment to day-to-day support and monitoring, our team excels in both expertise and personal attention. You will be working with the same people consistently involved in supporting your business. They will know the finer points of your business and technical needs like an extension of your own team.

Improved Performance

Typical database servers are 80% read and 20% write. We add a large Level 1 Adaptive Read Cache (“ARC”) on each physical host running VMs. This greatly reduces the load on the storage subsystem by caching in DRAM the most recently accessed data, improves performance and drastically reduces queue lengths.

Multi-Technology Migration and Hosting

We are able to take care of our customers across a range of technologies. We run both Linux and Windows servers. We can not only assist with platform migrations but continue the managed hosting and service of the new environment. We are in it for the long haul and will always try to find the best solution for our customer's IT needs.

Built to Your Requirements

We don't make you conform to your specific requirements. Instead, we can customize your hosting environment exactly to your needs, regardless of company size or number of users.

Remote IBM Notes Streaming

We can stream your IBM Notes client remotely to simplify your IT needs and with all the benefits of a full VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) environment.

Simple Pricing and Licensing

Our standard pricing includes all the necessary licensing, so it's transparent and uncomplicated. Even our complex custom solutions have a simple billing and a straightforward and responsive process from proposals to renewal.

Prominic.NET vs IBM Connections Cloud Side-by-Side Comparison

Prominic.NET Cloud
Direct administrative control

Familiar and easy to use set up process

Custom mail templates

Requires pass-through server

Use of your existing certifier guaranteed

Picking your own server names

Automatic Directory synchronization

IBM Connections Cloud
Direct administrative control

Familiar and easy to use set up process

Custom mail templates

Requires pass-through server


Picking your own server names

Automatic Directory synchronization

Prominic's IBM Notes Domino and IBM Connections Cloud Product Suite Advantage

Prominic can easily set up and host your IBM Verse, IBM Notes Domino or IBM Connections environment so you’ll enjoy all the powerful development, social and office organization tools they provide.


Our setup process is really simple and familiar, and doesn’t require additional training to get going. Just give us a server ID and we’ll take it from there.


We can also take care of your legacy Domino applications without skipping a beat. The updates in Domino 10 allow you to modernize those legacy apps in minutes or hours instead of days and weeks. We can even help you update your Domino databases to SQL for better performance and easier data manipulation.


Give Your SaaS Applications All the Benefits of The Cloud

Predictable Monthly Costs
Optimization of Architecture
Elimination of On-Site Hardware
Improvement and Performance Monitoring
Expert Administration
Expert and Friendly US-Based Support Team