A Better Way to Work with IBM Verse on Premises
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IBM Verse on Premises

Verse On-Premises: Modern Email on IBM Domino Infrastructure

IBM Verse reimagines the way you use your email. Its user-centric design intuitively allows you to organize, prioritize and personalize your inbox in a powerful and clean interface that lets you focus on the important tasks and activities while intelligently simplifying your entire email experience.

IBM Verse on Premise gives you the all the Vesre capabilities but with the freedom of having your email hosted outside of IBM Cloud.


Hosting your IBM Verse on Premise with Prominic leverages the decades of expertise of hosting and supporting Domino Notes that it’s based on, as well as the stellar support and experience in upgrading your IBM Notes email and IBM Traveler to IBM Verse

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Prioritize, Collaborate and Increase Productivity with IBM Verse

As a smart personalized email platform, IBM Verse lets you focus on tasks and people that are important to you.


Connect with your team from anywhere at any time.

  • Easily join screen share meetings right from your desktop or the Verse mobile app
  • Share files from the cloud.
  • Easily see contact info and recent emails from people who are important to you.


Take control of your email, calendar and work day by filtering your events, emails and actions to see the most pressing deadlines.
  • Prioritize the people you work with closely
  • Flag emails that require action or a follow-up from you or from someone else and assign deadlines to them.
  • See suggestions for other people who may be important to you, as you engage in different activities across the organization or outside of it.
  • Clean and easy interface that's to gauge at a glance and helps you focus on your priorities


Verse allows you to improve your effectiveness by intelligently tracking your activities to prioritize them for your convenience.

  • Get priority notifications from people you bookmarked as important
  • Track items for which someone owes you a response
  • Get actionable notifications to your mobile phone's locked screen


Use your existing investment into IBM Domino infrastructure and simply upgrade to IBM Verse on Premise for the complete email and calendar tools experience

  • Keep your access to Domino applications integrated in Verse through IBM Client Application Access or IBM Notes.
  • Verse is installed on Domino servers to simplify the transition to the new feature-rich experience
  • Reduce training costs and smooth the end-user transition to Verse's updated productivity tools through its intuitive UI


Easily integrate your stand-alone IBM Verse into a full suite of IBM Connections products as your needs change.

  • IBM Verse is available both as a single stand-alone solution or in concert with IBM Connections
  • IBM Verse's built-in integration and extensibility features make it easy to integrate with all the social business features of IBM Connections

Go Mobile

IBM Verse Mobile app helps you manage your work day on your mobile device.

  • Receive intelligent updates on your phone for your email, event and required actions
  • Easily manage your to-do lists on your smartphone
  • chat and keep track of the people you work with closely
  • Join meetings with a tap right from your iOS or Android device
  • Mobile Widget displays upcoming meetings, events and email updates from the flagged people flagged in your organization, so you don't have to open the app to see the notifications or join meetings.

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