A Better Way to Get Work Done with HCL Verse:
YOUR email in YOUR private Domino cloud

Secure Private Email

HCL (IBM) Notes mail and Verse on Premises protect your company's communications with a local secure mail server.

Microsoft SQL Hosting

Verse on Browser

Cutting-edge, powerful and intelligent, Verse lets you optimize your work email and schedules in an intuitive and beautiful interface.


Notes Mail

So much more than just an email client! HCL Notes continues to be not only one of the most robust mail client applications on the market, but also runs Domino-powered applications.

Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Verse on Mobile

AI-powered intuitive Verse email platform also works as a mobile app.

Microsoft Office 365

Sametime Chat and Presence Awareness

Take your organization's collaboration and productivity to another level with Smaetime's integrated messenger chat.

Microsoft Sharepoint Hosting

Keep your email private with HCL Notes:
The security of an in-house mail server but in the cloud!

You have no control or ownership over Microsoft Office365’s or Google Gmail’s clouds. HCL Notes Domino / Verse Mail is your only choice for a secure, on-premises enterprise email system that you control.


Your email contains some of your most important and sensitive information!


Entrusting your confidential information to the Notes Domino / Verse email platform hosted in your private Domino cloud with Prominic gives you the security, privacy, and control of running your own email system on-premises, but without the headache.


It’s like having your email servers in your office, without the hassle of managing your own data center.

IBM Verse on Premises

Verse On-Premises: Modern Email on HCL (formerly IBM) Domino Infrastructure

HCL Verse reimagines the way you use email. Its user-centric design intuitively allows you to organize, prioritize and personalize your inbox in a powerful and clean interface. Verse lets you focus on the important tasks and activities while intelligently simplifying your entire email experience with a clutter-free browser-based workspace.


Hosting HCL Verse on Premises in Prominic’s private Domino cloud leverages our enterprise-class datacenters and more than 20 years experience with Notes Domino.

HCL (IBM) Notes Mail and HCL (IBM) Verse Hosted in Prominic's Cloud

Verse On-Premises is HCL’s (formerly IBM’s) powerful next-generation enterprise email platform. Leverage your existing investment in HCL (IBM) Domino and take advantage of the latest innovations in cloud-based email.

  • Secure access via your browser
  • No need to deploy a rich client
  • Simple, modern, intuitive user interface

Verse On-Premises: Mobile App on your smartphone

IBM Verse Mobile App delivers the same intelligent, customized experience of Verse on your mobile device.


It is yet another way to access your email and calendar on the go, at your fingertips. Currently the app is available for both iPhone and Android devices,

Keep Your Communications Secure with HCL Sametime in Your Private Cloud Powered by Prominic

HCL Sametime keeps all your messaging data on your own Sametime server, so you can keep your organization’s conversations private and protected. Across all company desktop and mobile devices.


  • Carry your conversation through between multiple devices.
  • Chat with one or multiple people at the same time
  • Zero installation, zero friction meetings directly from the Messenger
  • Voice and video chat available
sametime mobile chat
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