Migrate From IBM SmartCloud Notes to Your Own Private Cloud

Easily transition your Notes Mail users from IBM SmartCloud Notes to your own private or hybrid cloud, supported and powered by Prominic.


You own your mail data.

We keep it safe and running smoothly.

Protected and Private

At Prominic, your mail data will never be mined by your cloud provider. We respect the privacy of your data and employ the latest technologies to protect it. We house your Domino servers at our owned and operated secure enterprise-grade data centers.

Full Control

We give you full control over your Notes Domino environment. You can access it any way you want, configure it any way you want, and use whatever templates you want. We will customize it to your exact specifications, and then we’ll support it.

Always On

You can make sure your Notes mail environment stays always on by running it in a high-availability environment. Your backup Domino servers would be located in geographically separate data centers to ensure your mail users can always access their data.

Dedicated Support

We have experienced Domino support staff that will take care of you. They are a phone call away when you need them, and can even function as an extension of your IT team.

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Full Notes features

Better than the SmartCloud

When you transition  your Notes mail environment to Prominic, you get the full functionality of the Notes platform, not just the basic capabilities of the SmartCloud Notes, all with the convenience and data security of a managed private cloud. Here a few things that your Notes will be able to do:

Your Notes mail will re-join your existing Domino environment

Your Notes will optionally be able to support Domino Applications of ALL types (Notes Client, Domino Classic, XPages, Node.js)

You will no longer required to use special SmartCloudNotes administrative tools

Your server will be able to run the latest Notes/Domino release, not a special Cloud release internal only to IBM

Enhanced security will be also available including Single Sign On with your existing organization

While not recommended, IMAP and POP3 access can still be maintained.

Managed private cloud

Feel the Prominic Difference

We have been providing Notes Domino hosting for organizations for over 20 years. We have the expertise and the infrastructure to handle the needs of our customers, whether enterprise or an individual developer. 

Your data “lives” in a known location – you can come visit it.

Enterprise class data centers, owned and operated by Prominic, the company providing the service

Own your data – it is not going to be mined by Google or Microsoft

Will fit into your desired architecture: hybrid, standalone, clustered or replication.

SSAE-18 SOC-1 and SOC-2 annually audited and certified data centers 

We provide multiple ways of delivering your mail and applications to all your mobile devices.

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We can help you protect your investment in Notes Domino while upgrading your users’ experience with the full power of the latest Notes Domino v10! 

Private cloud hosting for all Of Notes Domino

We provide a full suite of Notes Domino solutions

Verse 0n Premises

Cutting-edge, powerful and intelligent, Verse lets you optimize your work email and schedules in an intuitive and beautiful interface.

Domino Applications Cloud Hosting

Run your custom Domino applications in the redundant, multiple datacenter Prominic cloud.

Sametime Cloud Hosting

HCL Sametime keeps all your messaging data on your own Sametime server, so you can keep your organization’s conversations private and protected. Across all company desktop and mobile devices.

Connections Hosting

Prominic can easily set up and host your HCL Connections environment so you’ll enjoy all the powerful social and office organization tools it provides.


FAQs About Migration:

How smoothly can I transition to an alternative to SmartCloud?

Our hope is that we will work with HCL and you, the customer, to receive direct back-end access to mail databases, so that we can simply directly replicate the databases to Domino servers in our data centers. This would allow for near-minimal disruption.

What would the migration process be like?

Our Support team will work closely with your team and the team over at HCL to ensure a smooth, planned migration.

How do you handle shared mailboxes for groups/offices?

Our pricing is based on user count, so shared mailboxes do not cost extra.

Are we charged for every single mailbox or only individual mailboxes?

Our pricing is based on user count. To view current pricing, please visit the Domino Mail Hosting page

How do we add/remove users? Does this change our pricing?

Our pricing is based on user count, so shared mailboxes do not cost extra.

Can mobile apps (iOS and Android) access the system?


Do you resell HCL licensing?

We are currently awaiting HCL’s announcement regarding per user and per .nsf licensing to decide if we will offer this service or not.

Which countries do you offer hosting in?

We own and operate 2 enterprise-level data centers in the U.S. We are happy to offer hosting in other countries if necessary.

What is the cost of hosting in my country?

Pricing will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for more information.

Are there any big customers staying on Connections Cloud?

Yes, there are large customers with hundreds of users using ConnectionsCloud.

What platform does Prominic run on?

Prominic.NET owns and operates its own data centers, and we fully control the environment that the Domino servers run in.

What are your options for handling Support?

Our world-class Support team offers Tier I – III support.

What in-house expertise does Prominic.NET offer?

We offer expert Domino hosting, administration, management, and monitoring. We do not have development services, but work with many Domino developers and can make good recommendations for you.

How large is your company?

We have been in business since 1998. We run more than 800 Domino servers on 1,400 VMs in 2 data centers.

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You probably have a lot of questions regarding your migration from SmartCloud Notes. We can help you navigate this transition.

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