panagenda MarvelClient: HCL Notes Client Analytics, Automation, and Management re-imagined

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Why MarvelClient?


MarvelClient is trusted by the world’s largest organizations to be the client management solution of choice for HCL Notes and HCL Nomad.

Whether you need to boost your Notes client administration abilities, elevate your employees’ experience and productivity or reduce your operational costs, the advantages to your business are here.

Automated Notes client workspaces, accelerated enterprise wide upgrades, and unparalleled client analytics are just a few of the MarvelClient tools that expand the power of HCL Notes for you.

Key Benefits:

  • Understand every detail of complex Notes ecosystems

  • Make Notes clients faster and more efficient

  • Reduce admin and helpdesk workload

  • Let end-users focus on their job

Improve the Admin Experience

  • All your clients administered from your desk – 100% invisible to the end-user.
  • Create rule-based sets of adaptive and persistent configurations instead of managing individual clients.
  • Gain valuable extra time by avoiding problems rather than fixing them.
  • Easily perform error-free upgrades in minutes instead of hours.

Know Your Notes Ecosystem

  • Auto-discover and reveal your entire client ecosystem in minutes – including HW, SW and OS info.

  • Examine and compare client con gurations in granular detail.
  • Discover problems before individual productivity is affected.

  • Quantify the impact of projects or other measures you take.

Let Your Users Fall in Love With Notes Again

  • Vastly improve start times, UI performance, and stability.
  • Self-service recovery minimizes downtime and makes your employees more productive than ever.
  • All settings and applications where you want them to be.
  • Ensure the perfect configuration from the very first start – they’ll love you for it.

MarvelClient Basic: From complex projects to ongoing client management

With MarvelClient Basic you can proactively avoid problems through efficient and long-term optimizations. Complex server migrations and server consolidation are now a walk in the park: changes are performed reliably, and with up to 15,000 changes per second, MarvelClient is the world’s fastest client management solution.

Expand Your MarvelClient Functionality


Comprehensive control also for HCL Notes standard clients
Eclipse offers you comprehensive features for Notes standard clients: setting and querying Eclipse settings, installing, configuring or uninstalling sidebar plugins, adding, changing or removing Sametime communities and much more.


No matter when or where, your users get the optimal HCL Notes client configuration, quickly and easily. For Windows, Linux, Mac, Laptops, Desktops, Browser Plugin clients, SmartCloud, Citrix, Windows Terminal Server (WTS) and VDI.


Perform upgrades, standardizations and client platform migrations faster and more reliably. Regardless of the initial situation or your ultimate goal, panagenda will transition you into the future faster!


Stay connected to the fastest server when traveling and keep your users from unwanted actions: 100% protection, for example, unauthorized deletion of databases.


Simple configuration and efficient management including cloud specific analysis data: your users can switch to the cloud without a single click and can keep your business processes undisturbed!


Fully automated adding, removing, and cleaning of tiles, bookmarks and replicas for your users and databases. This allows you to save even more time and money on new users, departmental changes, permissions, and client management. Combined with panagenda SecurityInsider and ApplicationInsights, Automate brings you even faster to your destination.


Define limits for email sizes, number and volume of recipients and benefit from automatic zipping and unzipping. Reliably prevent the attachment of certain files depending on size, name, format, file pattern, MD5 hash or database.

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