Business as Usual No Matter What Happens. Check out Prominic's Backup & Recovery plans

A fully developed disaster recovery plan allows your company to restore operations when disaster strikes. Let Prominic help you protect your business from the unexpected with its great Backup & Recovery strategy.

We will analyze your existing IT environment to assess what all your mission critical functions are and what platforms they run on. Your company is unique, and we understand that mission critical is not one size fits all. Mission critical may mean accounting software, inventory systems, ordering systems, monitoring systems, and so on these functions may not even be in-house. Prominic replicates these functions to our data centers, ensuring that they will be available when needed. Then, Prominic will design, implement, and test failover functionalities to establish business continuity.

Prominic Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Packages

Network and server monitoring and automated recovery

Completely redundant Internet high-speed connectivity

Remote backup and disaster recovery facilities

Advanced load balancing and failover systems

Domino Disaster Recovery for IBM Domino servers.

Prominic will help you explore and design strategies that will ensure the fastest recovery and minimize downtime. We offer packages to fit your recovery time and recovery point objectives. Contact our sales team for more information, or fill out the form below.