The Cloud Shaped to Your Needs

Experience the speed, convenience, and flexibility of the Cloud with the security and support of Prominic.NET. No more hardware to set up, no more operating systems to install, no more waiting. Spin up a server with the click of a button. Watch your application come to life in minutes.
Prominic can help you with the infrastructure and security you need, while maintaining the low cost and ease of Cloud computing.

Prominic has Cloud options for any company size:

Shared IBM Notes Mail/Apps in the Cloud

If you don’t need a server all to yourself and want a simple, low-cost solution, consider using Shared Notes Mail/Apps in the Prominic Cloud. We will provide your business with collaborative technologies that will best equip you to work in an enterprise fashion.

Public Cloud VMs

With fast and easy set-up, this is the classic offering when it comes to Cloud services. Within minutes a virtual server can be spun up and ready for your access on one of our Cloud servers. You can then install any software, with full access and admin rights from the OS level up.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)/STARTcloud

Our enterprise-grade environments are powerful, flexible, and secure. Take advantage of the power and flexibility of our STARTcloud platform and enjoy control over every aspect of your Cloud environment. Want to go Hybrid?  Prominic can give you the ease and power of the Cloud while still owning your data locally.

Cloud Backup

Sometimes life brings the unexpected. You can entrust Prominic with your Cloud backup to make data loss a thing of the past. Prominic’s enterprise-grade data centers have redundancies for every conceivable scenario, and we can ensure that your data is protected so you never lose it.