IBM Notes and IBM Domino solutions has been the core of our business since 1998

To better navigate you to the right information, tell us which best describes your Notes / Domino needs:

Considers moving to the cloud

You want all the benefits of cloud adoption for your Notes / Domino environment

Needs a reliable disaster recovery plan

You need off-premise disaster recovery and business continuity provisions for your in-house Domino servers.

Needs a platform for its SaaS applications

You need a rock solid infrastructure, easy IBM licensing and expert help behind the scenes for your SaaS.

Needs help with Domino server administration

You want to outsource all the headache and hassle of administering your Notes / Domino.

… is considering leaving IBM Notes / Domino

You need some help assessing whether or not a change makes sense.

… is interested in other server technologies Prominic works with

You are changing technologies or also have other technologies in the organization, but would like to stick with Prominic if possible.

Your organization is migrating off the platform and…

… has a mandate to get IBM Notes / Domino out of your organization

You still have legacy applications that are mission critical

… decided to leave the platform entirely

You  want to know how Prominic.NET can help

Your organization’s needs don’t fit any of the above…

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