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Affectionately nicknamed “The Fortress” due to its military grade construction, Prominic’s primary data center is located in the space that housed the control and communications center for Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, Illinois. Our second facility is in Champaign, Illinois, approximately 15 miles southwest. These two facilities are connected via a dedicated private fiber connection that provides multi-gigabit-per-second network speed between the two data centers. Prominic’s data centers provide our customers with an enterprise-class facility and years of expansion capabilities.


  • All servers are located behind a firewall at no additional charge, and for each server, we only open the necessary ports for the server to function.
  • Physical access to our data centers is restricted to authorized personnel or registered, escorted guests only, and multiple layers of access checks are required to reach the data center floor.
  • Data centers are alarmed against external intrusion as well as internally motion-monitored, and both Prominic.NET and local police are notified in the event any alarm is tripped.

  • Prominic.NET data centers are connected to the Internet through multiple redundant high-speed Internet lines using high-availability Cisco routers. Our transit providers include Windstream, Sprint, Comcast, and Atlantic Metro for Internet connectivity.
  • We use BGP4 (Border Gateway Protocol version 4) on our Cisco Routers to provide immediate failover in the event that the connection from one of our providers fails.
  • We guarantee plenty of excess Internet capacity so you never have to worry about your bandwidth. We maintain 30% excess capacity during peak load times.
  • Equipment areas have Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capacity for minor power interruptions and our diesel and natural gas generators will run indefinitely in the event of a failure in the power grid.

  • Servers are monitored on a number of different levels: we monitor the status of the Internet lines, the health of our internal network in general, and we monitor hosts or VMs both at the OS level and the application platform level.
  • Our custom network monitoring system provides 24x7x365 uptime monitoring.
  • Rack-mounted servers and networking equipment are housed in restricted areas with multiple alarm sensors for intrusion, smoke, fire, and excess temperature.

  • An independent accounting and auditing firm conducts an in-depth audit to ensure that we offer adequate controls and safeguards for the critical task of hosting and processing data belonging to our customers.
  • We want to be transparent with our customers. The SSAE 16 engagement is designed to provide user organizations and their auditors information about our internal control environment.


Military History

For those with an interest in military history, you can learn more about Chanute Air Force Base by following any of these links:

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Enjoy the protection of The Fortress with the vigilance of Prominic.

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