IBM DB2 – Universal Database Hosting

IBM DB2 is an industry-leading relational database management system that helps manage massive amounts of data. It’s an ideal database for competitive solutions such as big data and business intelligence, content management, and enterprise resource planning. DB2 greatly reduces the complexity of data management by eliminating, simplifying, and automating many tasks traditionally associated with maintaining an enterprise-class database. Features of IBM DB2 include:

IBM DB2 Business Partner

  • Online utilities and configuration parameters that can be changed without stopping the database, improving performance and ensuring high availability
  • Built-in planned and unplanned availability capabilities ensure business applications are available whenever you need them
  • Growing with your information infrastructure from one processor to multiple processors to massively parallel clusters
  • Industry-leading multidimensional clustering of tables
  • Self-managing and resource tuning (SMART) database technology that allows database administrators configure and manage their databases with enhanced automation

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