Powerful, Flexible, Reliable – Dedicated Server Hosting with Prominic.NET

Prominic’s dedicated offerings provide the perfect mix of performance, flexibility, and affordability to meet any messaging, collaboration, and application deployment need – whether you’ve outgrown a shared hosting environment or are not realizing the value you want from an in-house data center.

Running a small business with multiple locations and/or mobile workers? Deploy Domino, Sametime, and Traveler. Supporting a busy e-Commerce web site? Talk to us about our multi-data center, load-balanced solutions for server clusters with network and application/server failover. Regardless of your company size, you can leverage our enterprise-class infrastructure to:

  • Maximize your investment in hardware, software, networking, and, most importantly, people
  • Implement any combination of middleware and application software solutions
  • Reduce or eliminate downtime
  • Exercise the amount of control you desire over your computing environment

Dedicated server hosting

Executive Platinum
1 Quad-Core Processor2 Quad-Core Processors2 Hex-Core Processors2 Hex-Core Processors2 Hex-Core Processors
24 GB48 GB96 GB128 GB256 GB
2 disks2 disks2 disks2 disks2 disks
3 disks3 disks6 disks6 disks12 disks
1 TB2 TB2 TB4 TB8 TB
Copy-on-write Backups with hourly snapshots (kept 24 hours), daily snapshots (kept 7 days) and weekly snapshots (kept 4 weeks)
$499 per month$699 per month$899 per month$1,099 per month$1,299 per month

*RAM is by default split 50% for Virtual Machines and 50% for storage performance caching.
**All storage is RAID-protected, triple mirrored, hot-swap storage (contains both VM data and backup snapshots.)

Fully managed, secure, and reliable dedicated solutions are just a few clicks away.

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