High Availability Solutions for Any Company, Any Size

Hosting with Prominic.NET creates a world-class environment for your servers — multiple layers generator backups, climate-controlled environment, and multiple levels of physical and computer-based security all contribute to our superior service levels. However, some systems are so critical that they require additional measures to ensure that they are accessible at all times.

high availability network

Our hosted high availability solutions protect your systems with additional layers of hardware and network redundancy.  We combine a variety of hardware and software in both dedicated and shared configurations, providing affordable answers to your high availability needs:

  • Our dedicated load-balancing/failover solutions to handle high-volume sites, spreading traffic across multiple servers and automatically rerouting the entire load should a particular server fail.
  • Our shared load-balancing/failover configurations enable smaller businesses to reap the benefits of a high availability solution that would otherwise be priced out of their reach.
  • Alternate servers can be hosted at our secondary data center, providing additional security in the event that physical damage occurs to servers hosted in our primary facility.

Tell us about your company’s demands and we will craft the best high availability solution for you.

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