STARTcloud™ – Our Infrastructure, Your Rules

STARTcloud gives you flexibility, performance, and control without the challenges of maintaining an IT infrastructure. You can easily install hardware and then dynamically allocate resources to meet the ever-changing needs of your environment. Let Prominic focus on the hardware and virtual environment so you can focus on the heart of your business.

Our IaaS solutions are scalable and can satisfy virtually any need. Whether you are testing a small application or providing software that needs to sustain thousands of users, STARTcloud will offer you the perfect solution at the right price. With STARTcloud, you can do all this and more:

  • Run an existing VM image from anywhere  – we convert it free of charge for you
  • Build any VM on your Mac, Windows, FreeBSD, or Linux host and we can run it
  • Migrate VMs to more powerful hosts

Private Cloud Virtualization Servers STARTcloud™ Virtualization Host

Executive Platinum
1 Quad-Core Processor2 Quad-Core Processors2 Hex-Core Processors2 Hex-Core Processors2 Hex-Core Processors
24 GB48 GB96 GB128 GB256 GB
2 disks2 disks2 disks2 disks2 disks
3 disks3 disks6 disks6 disks12 disks
1 TB2 TB2 TB4 TB8 TB
Copy-on-write Backups with hourly snapshots (kept 24 hours), daily snapshots (kept 7 days) and weekly snapshots (kept 4 weeks)
$499 per month$699 per month$899 per month$1,099 per month$1,299 per month

*RAM is by default split 50% for Virtual Machines and 50% for storage performance caching.
**All storage is RAID-protected, triple mirrored, hot-swap storage (contains both VM data and backup snapshots.)

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