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Prominic offers managed, dedicated IIS/ASP.NET hosting for all your needs. Our expertise ensures your architecture is the perfect fit for your business, and our 99.99% uptime guarantee ensures that you will always have access to the Microsoft web platforms you need.

Internet Information Services (IIS) developed by Microsoft is a highly scalable and reliable web server. With fault-tolerant process architecture, application pools, health monitoring, rapid-fail protection, and automatic process recycling, IIS has become a powerful web server solution.

ASP.NET is a server-side scripting technology used to create dynamic web pages, web services, and web applications. ASP.NET is the next generation of ASP technologies, and is used to create everything from small, personal web pages to large, enterprise-class applications. ASP.NET code can be written in any language supported by .NET and because the work is done on the server, it is browser independent.

When you host IIS/ASP.NET with Prominic, you can be confident in the security and performance of your web platforms. Let us show you how our superior expertise and support can benefit your business.


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