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Volume II, Issue 5, May 2009 

Nope, we didn't skip out early for Summer vacation! We've just got so much neat stuff going on we almost forgot to write about it! When you read this issue, be sure to note that a couple items (the licensing sale at IBM Lotus and the IP address change) have specific dates attached to them.

Prominic Hosts OpenNTF.Org, Joins Steering Committee
For years now, Prominic has hosted the OpenNTF.Org portal. OpenNTF provides source code building blocks, templates, and running examples that facilitate rapid application development for the Notes and Domino platform. By making code assets on OpenNTF available under the Apache License V2, individuals are able to create derivative works with worldwide re-distribution rights that are royalty-free.

Recently, however, IBM Lotus decided to take on a much larger role in OpenNTF, to assist with its transformation to open source licensing and its new governing steering committee. The steering committee members were chosen from thought and market leaders in the Notes and Domino development community:

Elguji Software, LLC, Bruce Elgort
IBM Corp., Brent Peters
Lotus 911 Inc., Nathan Freeman
PAVONE AG, Ludwig Nastansky
PSC Group, LLC, John Head
Prominic.NET, Justin Hill
SNAPPS Consulting, Rob Novak
Teamstudio Inc., Scott Johnsen, Vince Schuurman

"As the Notes and Domino development community grows, open source templates and applications provide developers with the best practices and code that they need to get solutions out the door quickly.," said Justin Hill, CTO of Prominic.NET Inc. "We are pleased to be taking a leadership position with OpenNTF and to host the OpenNTF web site."

For more information about Prominic's role in OpenNTF, contact the Prominic Sales team. For more information about OpenNTF or the steering committee, visit the developerWorks web site.

Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.1 in Beta; to Include iPhone Support

IBM Lotus has announced the beta release of Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1 collaboration software, including plans to support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync in version 8.5.1 of Lotus Notes Traveler. This capability will extend Lotus Domino automatic synching capabilities for e-mail and calendaring tools to the Apple iPhone. Although iPhone users can already access Notes e-mail via IBM Lotus iNotes ultra-light mode, adding Exchange ActiveSync support will mean push access to the popular software including the ability to view Notes mail, calendar and contacts data when not connected on the iPhone. In addition, this beta version also incorporates the new 1.3 version of IBM's Lotus Symphony document, spreadsheet, and presentation software, and brings IBM XPages developer technology to the Lotus Notes client for off-line use. To download Lotus Symphony at no charge, visit

For more information or to read the full press release from IBM, visit: IBM Announces Beta Availability of Lotus Notes 8.5.1 Software with iPhone Support. Contact our Sales team for more information about our Notes Traveler hosting plans.

Lotus Notes and iNotes 2Q Pricing Promotion

Get 25% off retail on all new and reinstatement purchases of Lotus Notes and Lotus iNotes software. For more information on Notes entitlements, visit: Prominic.NET's Lotus Notes and Domino Deployment, Licensing and Entitlements page. Now is the perfect window of opportunity for Microsoft customers to consider their limited and challenging options on the Microsoft Exchange roadmap during Microsoft's fiscal Q4. Hurry--this offer ends August 5, 2009.

Qualifying purchases of the following software made between 12 May through 5 August 2009 are eligible for a 25% discount off the suggested retail price:

Lotus Notes with Messaging
Lotus Notes with Collaboration
Lotus iNotes with Messaging
Lotus iNotes with Collaboration
Lotus Domino Messaging Express
Lotus Domino Collaboration Express

Note: Annual maintenance renewals, server-specific licensing (e.g. traditional Enterprise Server or Utility Server Express) and purchases of CEO bundles do not qualify.

Contact our Sales team for further details. If you'd like to "try and buy" first, visit the IBM Lotus Take a Test Drive page.

WebSphere Portal Express Version 6.1 Enabling Rapid Deployment of Robust Web Sites and Portals

IBM has released version 6.1 of WebSphere Portal Express. With this latest release, midsized companies can deliver information and applications to individuals and teams so they can do their jobs better. The open standards-based solution includes pre-configured sample sites as well as an intuitive site-creation wizard with out-of-the-box templates to facilitate creation and deployment of portals without requiring any programming skills. Users can continue working with existing office suites and industry-specific applications in addition to legacy mail and calendar systems. WebSphere Portal Express document management capabilities apply context to information as well as disparate systems to let users find, combine and share information from a single location. And by placing content creation and management in the hands of subject matter experts, rather than IT resources, the solution's Web content management capabilities enable more frequent-and less expensive-content updates.

Version 6.1 also includes WebSphere Portlet Factory. This software lets organizations create new, Web 2.0 applications from legacy applications and databases by using a variety of builders that automate tasks, including integration with common back-end systems.

For more information, visit the IBM In Focus page. For more information about Prominic's virtual and dedicated managed hosting plans for WebSphere, visit our IBM WebSphere Hosting page.

Sametime 8.5 Web Conferencing

IBM Lotus will soon be releasing the much anticipated release 8.5 of Sametime. Of particular interest is the totally revamped Web Conferencing server and client. General consensus is that IBM Lotus stole much of the code from Sametime Unyte (its hosted offering acquired with the purchase of WebDialogs). Whether on not this is true, the promise is significant improvements in the quality of audio and video conferences, without the high costs associated with traditional room video systems. Focus is on an SIP-based media server, enhancement to audio/video APIs, improved support of standards-based protocols and codecs, and support for larger (even HD displays). Throw in a slicker interface, and you have what should be a solid "1.0" release. One note, however, is that the improvements will probably incur some costs: Initial reviews indicate that the base Sametime Web Conferencing offering will require two servers. When we know more, we'll share our experiences with you first.

For more information about Sametime 8.5, start with an article about the video enhancements in The Sametime Blog. For more information about Prominic's virtual and dedicated managed hosting offerings for Sametime, visit our Sametime page or contact our Sales team.

Dedicated Servers Performance Range Widens

Prominic has widened the range of options available to our customers hosting with us on managed dedicated servers. Our dedicated server lines now range include:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo  (single chip per motherboard, two processing cores)
  • Intel Core 2 Quad  (single chip per motherboard, four processing cores)
  • Intel Xeon  (one or two chips per motherboard, two or four processing cores on each chip)
Disk Storage
  • SAN-based with snapshot technology for regular backup (hourly, daily and weekly)
  • SATA II-based direct attached storage (DAS) with 7,200 RPM drives
  • SAS- and SCSI-based DAS with 15,000 RPM drives
The SAN offering provides built-in backup while compromising only slightly on speed. SATA is a economical performer, while SAS and SCSI are screamers (at a price). We have a lot of options to mix and match systems (e.g. various RAID configurations for the DAS). Contact our Sales team to design your dedicated server solution!

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OpenNTF.Org Steering Committee
Notes Traveler 8.5.1 Beta
Notes Pricing Promotion Ends August 5th
WebSphere Portal Express Version 6.1
Sametime 8.5 Web Conferencing Enhancements
Dedicated Server Performance Options
TECH SAVVY: User Administration
Important IP Changes in August
/me Transition
TECH SAVVY: Domino User Administration

Looking for a better way to manage your Notes Domino users? Check out Keith Strickland's User Administration Utility submitted to OpenNTF.Org. This application provides a method for users to administer their own IDs efficiently and securely from a web browser. It should also provide a means for administrators to be able to maintain those IDs and also allow for Helpdesk personnel to assist the user.

For more information about Keith, visit his blog (hosted by Prominic) at


Upcoming IP Changes on August 3, 2009

If you do NOT host your DNS with Prominic.NET and your servers are within the IP ranges: - 255 or - 255,
then you must take action!  You have two options prior to Monday, August 3, 2009:
1) Coordinate with Support@Prominic.NET to change your DNS to be hosted by Prominic at thru, in which case the IP switch will be automatic.  Be sure to update any Lotus Notes client or server connection documents you have created with the IP hard-coded to use a DNS entry instead.

2) If you choose not to host your DNS with Prominic.NET, then on Monday, August 3rd, at 07:00 AM US CT, you must manually change the first three values in your IP address as follows: - 255
becomes - 255

and - 255
becomes - 255

The final value "0-255" will remain the same.  For example, if your server's IP is currently then after the transition it will be

If you have any questions, please e-mail our Support team at Support@Prominic.NET.
Prominic.NET/me Transition 
The transition from our Admin Portal to Prominic.NET/me is well underway. Please be sure to take the time to log in to https://Prominic.NET/me and look around. If you have a dedicated or virtual private server hosted with us, be sure to press the "Enable Java" button. If you have any difficulties logging in, please contact Support for assistance.
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