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Make the World Your Office with IBM Sametime

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Your company has sales reps, technicians, or business contacts in other offices, other regions, or spread across the globe. Bridge these distances and communicate in real time through instant messaging, online meetings, voice, and video with IBM Sametime.

IBM Sametime is a secure, enterprise-ready collaboration system for presence awareness, instant messaging (IM), and web conferencing that can scale to serve businesses of any size. You can immediately and easily share files and communicate with employees, customers, partners, and suppliers – whether they are in the next cubicle or the next time zone. Plus, Sametime’s simple user interface and flexible platform delivers a unified user experience for a broad range of social communications capabilities.

When you host IBM Sametime with Prominic, you realize the advantages of having an enterprise-class data center with the resilient high-speed Internet connections. So Sametime is always fast and available, just the way it should be.

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