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IBM DB2 Universal Database Hosting

imageIBM DB2 is a high-end relational database management system that will help you manage massive amounts of data. It is the database of choice for the development and deployment of critical solutions such as:

  • e-Business
  • Business intelligence
  • Content management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management

DB2 greatly reduces the complexity of data management by eliminating, simplifying, and automating many tasks traditionally associated with maintaining an enterprise-class database.

Database management software is now the core of enterprise computing. Companies need access to a wide range of information such as XML documents, streaming video, and other rich media types. It's now essential that you (and your customers) have continually available data. This need is driving the convergence of transaction, business intelligence, and content management applications as companies integrate their business operations. DB2 can help your organization meet these challenges.

Whatever the size of your organization, you need a database that can grow along with you. DB2 is that database. It responds quickly to peaks in transaction demand on your website, expands to hold growing amounts of information distributed in a number of different databases, and grows with your information infrastructure from one processor to multiple processors to massively parallel clusters. With DB2, you don't need to make all of your future growth decisions today.

DB2 also adds self-managing and resource tuning (SMART) database technology that lets database administrators choose to configure, tune and manage their databases with enhanced automation. This means that your administrators can spend less time managing routine tasks and more time focusing on tasks that help you get that competitive edge. Industry-leading multidimensional clustering of tables reduces the indexing workload for your DBAs while providing data clustering for fast data query, which gives you access to better decision-making information sooner, with less system management overhead and improved data warehousing applications. Spend more time analyzing business information and less time on performance improvement and tuning issues.

DB2's built-in planned and unplanned availability capabilities ensure your business applications are available whenever you need them. Whether switching to a standby database server if an unexpected failure occurs, or carrying out online maintenance, DB2 makes sure all of your business applications remain available. Online utilities like index rebuild, index create, and table load, as well as configuration parameters that can be changed without stopping the database, mean improved performance and high availability.


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