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      e-Everything has become an indispensible part of almost every business. How can you trust an invisible man with this key to your prosperity? We'd like you to meet our team.

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      All the intelligence or expertise in the world aren't dependable if they aren't consistently and reliably applied. Prominic endeavours to treat every customer and every ticket, big or small, alike.


      What good is a campus full of geniuses if you can't reach one to help solve the problem that's interrupting your day? At Prominic we have rejected the automatic operator in favor of bringing back direct, human service.

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      With everyone's competitors available online, the companies that keep their customers are the ones who connect with them. And the companies that are agile and innovative? The ones who connect with their employees.

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    • Considering a Cloud?

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      Use the robust and proven tools your enterprise competitors rely upon-- smarter and faster. Step up your collaboration tools and step up into the big leagues.

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      You may not be the most tech-savvy person in the world or have an IT staff of dozens-- but your software doesn't need to know that. Prominic provides free, expert support to all of our customers.


      There's no lack of free E-mail in the market, but what you pay and what it costs aren't the same, and it's Prominic mission to provide high value at low cost. We'll never be or beat free, but we believe you'll always get your money's worth-- or more.

    • Partner with Prominic for access to all the technology and expertise you need to build, test and deploy robust applications without the worries of running a data center—or losing your shirt.

      "You folks . . . work hard for your money, and that's an endearing quality."—Matt Cooper, Notes Developer and Prominic.NET Customer.

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Prominic.NET, a hosting provider that will actually reduce your stress level . . . [W]ith one exception, dealing with ISPs and hosting providers could be characterized by a non-stop series of seemingly unnecessary headaches. The one exception is our current co-location provider, Prominic.NET. Working with Prominic.NET was like a great big, deep sigh of relief. (Read the full review in DominoPower Magazine)

David Gewirtz,
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
ZATZ Publishing


Prominic.NET's Private Cloud solutions provide secure and reliable alternatives to the public Internet.

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