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Sun GlassFish

Sun GlassFish is an open source, commercial-grade, Java EE 5 application server based on the source code for Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9, and the Java persistence architecture TopLink. GlassFish is lightweight yet handles thousands of requests at a time. Commercial competitors include IBM WebSphere, WebLogic, Oracle Application Server as well as JBoss.

GlassFish runs Java applications and popular script languages like Ruby, Groovy, Perl and Python. The GlassFish community is currently working on PHP capabilities and the modular and lightweight GlassFish v3.In 2008 Sun began bundling MySQL and GlassFish together. The bundled pack is free but full commercial support subscriptions are available from Sun, through the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server package, including sustaining patches, indemnification, and consulting and training.

GlassFish increases productivity through improved and new specifications, its lightening fast startup and redeployment time, great documentation, and great community support. Your most favorite frameworks work with GlassFish out of the box. Add that to a good user interface, intuitive controls and advanced monitoring tools and you've got the stuff that helps make GlassFish one of the fastest open source application servers on the market.

Prominic and GlassFish

Prominic offers secure, reliable and flexible virtual private server GlassFish hosting at $29/mo and dedicated GlassFish server hosting starting at $219/mo.

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