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Apache Web Server

IBM HTTP Server is web server based on the Apache Server built by the Apache Software Foundation, and runs on Linux, Solaris, Windows NT, z/OS, AIX, and HP-UX.

Like the Apache server, the IBM HTTP Server is free to download and use but offers no IBM support. IBM HTTP Server does offer support when it is purchased as part of the IBM WebSphere Application Server package. Comprehensive documentation is provided by IBM via the InfoCenter, and includes thorough help where IBM HTTP and Apache differ.

Unlike Apache, IBM does not ship the source code for the IBM HTTP Server, but instead supplies precompiled binaries, and IBM keeps the code bases up to date by regularly applying bug fixes. IBM HTTP Server has performance enhancements like the FastCache accelerator which improves response time over the Apache Server by caching pages in kernel memory. FastCGI is another performance enhancement that provides a protocol that talks directly to persistent CGI programs.

Prominic and IBM HTTP Server

Prominic offers secure, reliable and flexible virtual private server hosting at $29/mo and dedicated server hosting starting at $219/mo.

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