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Prominic is an official HCL Cloud Hosting Partner

Migrate your Connections environment from IBM Connections Cloud to Prominic

IBM Connections Cloud is shutting down in July of 2020 – we can help you.


Prominic has passed the rigorous requirements to be named an official HCL Cloud MSP Partner, and is the right choice to help you successfully navigate the migration off Connections cloud to your new home at Prominic. We will work with HCL and your team to meet your organization’s needs, as well as IBM’s deadlines for the Connections Cloud shutdown.


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HCL Connections is a social software platform that helps connect your entire organization. It allows your team to share, collaborate and engage with each other, leadership, partners and clients easier and more effectively.

Through its many powerful yet intuitive features HCL Connections users can improve communication, prioritize projects and activities, organize files, share expertise and engage with colleagues. It can help company leaders to gauge employee social engagement across teams and specific initiatives and projects, as well as easier gather the necessary feedback to help inform several aspects of executive decisions.

Intuitive and Powerful Social Collaboration Tools HCL Connections is packed with features designed to make collaboration easier and your work life better organized around your individual priorities.


Work together with people who have common interests, roles and expertise. Also includes ideation, media gallery, and bridging capabilities.


Create and share content together with your teams and professional network.


Present your ideas, receive feedback and make the most of the experience and opinions of others.


Find and discover the expertise you need.


Share and discover documents, presentations, images with your colleagues. Eliminate system duplicates and reduce the amount of mail in your inbox. Provide rich social content & document management experience with add-on capabilities provided by IBM Connections Content Manager


Exchange ideas with others and benefit from their expertise.


Bring information and experts immediately into view by easily sharing conversations that would have otherwise been hidden in email, for faster and more informed decision-making.


Add IBM Docs online office productivity suite for more efficient document collaboration.


Reach out for help or share news with your network

Polls and Surveys

Quickly and easily gather feedback from clients, partners and customers..

Social Analytics

Discover who and what you need to know through recommendations.


View, manage and organize tasks and quickly complete them. Tap into your professional network.

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