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Any path for your Domino applications, on any platform.

Whether you modernize or migrate  your existing apps or develop new ones, Darwino provides a full stack development environment and all components necessary. You can address the entire spectrum of desktop and mobile operating environments using a single code-stream.

Integrated JSON Data Store

Darwino is powered by DarwinoDB, a MongoDB-like multi-tenant-capable, NoSQL portable JSON data store, which sits on top of common relational databases.


Source-code transparency of all core components and API’s, and authentic open-source licensing of associated libraries and starter components.

Cloud Optimization

Single-click deployment across all of the popular hosted and cloud environments.

Synchronization / replication

Comprehensive, integrated Synchronization/Replication capability enabling offline access, decentralization, and continuous availability.


Access four sets of vital services (file access, directory access, access to social-service platforms, and security) shielding the eccentricities of individual platforms.


Embed and maintain synchronization of all, or selective parts of the DB itself into the application), enabling the rapid development of mobile versions of new or existing business processes.

Darwino for Domino data

The most advanced reporting for Domino

Running reports on data with Domino has traditionally been a slow and involved process because of the restrictive query capabilities, proprietary data structure, and lack of standard data APIs.

Thanks to Darwino, that is no longer the case. Not only is reporting Domino data is easy and quick, there’s also no coding involved. Report data is updated almost instantaneously when Domino data changes, and you can use standard tools such as Tableau, Cognos, BIRT and Power BI.

Why Use Darwino?

Darwino is a platform-agnostic enterprise full-stack application development platform, built from the ground up to focus on the delivery of cloud and mobile enterprise applications integrated with social collaboration platforms.

Darwino DB

Darwino DB runs on your existing relational database while allows for a granular security model, allowing you to set permissions and access rights down to the document level. It includes a NO-SQL, JSON Document Store, which itself includes all of the semi structured data and binary attachments you need to get started today.  It also includes an extensive MongoDB-like query and data transformation language which includes full text search capabilities.

Built-In Security

  • DarwinoDB encrypts your data on the mobile device. This means that even if your user loses their device, your data is safe.
  • Darwino Data Replication streams are encrypted using HTTPS – by default, out of the box.
  • DarwinoDB allows you to control your data with full, role-based security at the database and document level.
  • DarwinoDB provides ACL security on every piece of data.
  • Build dynamic security filters, based upon membership in a group, an IBM Connections community, or any other entity you can think up.
  • Offline application access allowed through resolved, locally stored and encrypted passwords.

State of the art Replication Engine

  • Multi-point replication
  • Functional replication
  • External data synchronization
  • Mobile offline with full capabilities
  • Replication conflict handlers and more

Application Modernization

  • Full interactive UI component Library
  • Embeddable JSON data store – runs on server, and on local device – with the same API
  • Full API support, Javascript, Java, REST
  • Data encryption and security management out of the box

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