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Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops


What can a virtual desktop do?

Everything a physical desktop can do.

From anywhere in the world.

high availability hosting

All the Benefits of On-Premise VDI minus the Capital Expense


Prominic’s Managed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is built to give you centralized desktop and data control and security, as well as easy centralized backup and disaster recovery without the up-front costs of implementing and maintaining your own on-premise VDI.

Our Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) service moves your entire computer into the cloud, where it’s managed, updated, protected and backed up by us.


Empower your mobile or remote workforce while protecting your data. Prominic’s DaaS can free your users to securely access their centrally managed workstations remotely from anywhere and from any device with internet connection.



Prominic will build your VDI to meet your needs from start to finish. As partners with VMWare, Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Hyper-V, we can the right solution for your goals or deliver an even greater value with our own STARTcloud virtualization platform.


Outsource maintenance, updates and other time-consuming and complex administration tasks that go with managing physical desktops to Prominic’s team so you can concentrate your efforts on other business-critical projects.


Easily control and protect your data with centralized access control and Prominic cloud storage so none of your important data is stored on your users’ desktops.

Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device
Simple and Secure Collaboration with Prominic’s Desktop-as-a-Service

Mobile and Multi-Device Workforce

Unleash your road warriors’ productivity and minimize your risk exposure. Prominic’s DaaS lets you easily switch between devices without losing your progress or your data, whether a device battery dies or your work laptop is lost or stolen. Your desktop is safely in the cloud, ready to be accessed on another device.

Temporary and Contract Workers

When you have temporary or contract workers, Prominic’s managed VDI lets you easily provision and support the temporary workforce. Your data is safely stored in the cloud so when the time comes, the temporary instances can be decommissioned centrally without risking proprietary information.

Remote Employees and Offices

Centrally manage all the desktops of your remote workforce, from those who work at home to those in an office across the country or across the world. All their work is saved to the cloud instead of locally on their devices, and all the updates, patches and rollouts can be easily managed from one central image.

Software Developers

Quickly provision and manage the development environment according to your ongoing project needs, so your developers are equipped with the resources they need to keep developing, while your intellectual property is protected in the cloud with Prominic’s managed VDI environment.

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