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Simplified and Improved  Remote Application Delivery

Simple and Flexible Application Virtualization 

Prominic’s remote application deployment delivers a streamlined and seamless experience for your users on MacOS, Windows or Linux while simplifying the process.



Consistent application versioning throughout the organization


Remotely troubleshoot applications with ease.


Critical files are stored remotely on redundant file systems


Reduced support hours needed to support deployment on individual physical machines


Workstation hardware refresh cycle lengthened and power use greatly reduced as load is on the server, not the local PC.



Centrally managed servers, virtual machines, and software greatly reduces overall attack surface



Minimizes the risk of devices with critical business data from walking off site



Remote session protocols are encrypted and minimize man-in- the-middle attacks


Application Virtualization :

Server-Based Apps


Remote applications are not installed on the user’s computer but on another computer (server) somewhere else, such as at Prominic’s cloud data centers.

When a user accesses a remote application it simply “streams” the application to the user’s desktop.

Because remote apps are able to seamlessly integrate with the user’s desktop they feel no different from applications installed on the user’s computer locally, with exception of a few advantages.


Give Your Applications All the Benefits of The Cloud

Remote Applications Hosted in the Prominic Cloud and Delivered by Our Technology Experts Can Provide Several Advantages

Software Compatibility

Eliminate software conflicts on your user’s computer because remote applications are not installed on it.

OS Compatibility

Run Windows-only applications on your user’s Macs with remotely delivered applications.

Easy Updates

Streamline application upgrades by updating the single copy of the application on the cloud server instead of updating every local instance on your user’s computers.

Simple Installation

Simplify application installation by only installing one copy of the application on the server instead of setting up and configuring the app on every user’s computer.

Simple Removal

Simplify software removal as there is no need to remove each application instance from users’ computers. Your IT department can simply change a user’s permissions on the server.

Improved Performance

Improve your user’s experience with the remote application without having to upgrade the user’s computer because the software runs directly on the server.

User Productivity

Boost your remote or traveling user’s productivity by giving them easy access to the necessary apps from multiple computers, allowing them to switch between desktops without losing their work, all while protecting your data with app remoting.

Data Protection

Protect your critically important data with remote application deployment in case a user loses a laptop or office computers get stolen or destroyed in a fire or damaged by a virus. Your application data is stored centrally in the cloud, and not on physical devices.

Hardware Upgrades

Reduce the hardware and maintenance overhead by switching your users’s hardware to thin clients running entire virtual desktops if all of your user’s applications are or should be deployed remotely.

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