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Prominic.NET Provides Hosting Services and Support to Organizations All Over The World.

We get up in the morning to make sure your business runs as smoothly as possible.
However we can make that happen, we will.

Our History

Our company was founded in 1998 by Jon Schultz and Justin Hill, both graduates of UIUC. The shared vision of building Prominic.NET into a company servicing businesses running on HCL Digital Solutions (formerly IBM Collaboration) products is still the driving force (and expertise) behind our company today.

We’re a dedicated team focused on bringing your company the best possible solutions. Our goal is to help make our clients successful.

Prominic.NET values service and innovation and we will do our best to bring both to your business.

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US-based Data Centers with In-House Support

Prominic owns and operates two data centers in USA. Our geographical location in South IL allows us to provide our customers protection from some of the weather, climate, and seismic events that regularly affect both US coasts. 

Our support is also done in-house and phone support is provided from the US Midwest as well.


 Rantoul, IL

The primary data center is located at a former control and communications center for Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, IL, now converted into Prominic’s dedicated data center. We’re proud to have our servers here in the U.S.

Champaign, IL

The second facility is located in Champaign, IL, about 15 miles south of Rantoul. Having these data centers separate allows our company to offer disaster recovery and high availability to our clients. The locations are connected with multiple dedicated, private fiber lines that provide multi-gigabit per second network speed.

Prominic Data Centers


SSAE-18 SOC-1 and SOC-2 annually audited and certified data centers

Private Fiber

Multiple dedicated, private fiber lines that provide multi-gigabit per second network speed.


Prominic data centers allow you to store your data in a redundant infrastructure

data privacy

Own your data – it is not going to be mined by Google or Microsoft

Prominic and Equinix

EU Datacenters

Prominic has a partnership with Equinix which enables us to offer our customers hosting services in two data centers located in Europe.

This way you get all the data security Prominic has guaranteed over the years on a data center of your choosing.


All your infrastructure needs are met.

You tell us your infrastructure needs and we take care of everything: cages and cabinets, power distribution systems, cable management equipment, security systems and accessories.

You know where your data is, who has access to it with the utmost respect towards your data privacy. 


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Amsterdam data center is located in a prime city center location offering connectivity to a thriving and leading carrier neutral digital ecosystem.

Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt FR5 IBX data center at Kleyerstrasse provides direct and settlement-free IP interconnection infrastructure in Germany for important banking, commerce, and telecommunications infrastructure

Prominic Worldwide

 Apart from the US and EU data centers Prominic operates a number of data centers in other parts of the world as well.

Asia Datacenters

The Asia data centers locations include Tokyo, Chennai, Seoul, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Australia Datacenters

Australian data centers are located in Melbourne and Sydney.

South America Datacenters

Prominic extends its coverage in North America via IBM’s data center in Queretaro, Mexico, and in South America at Sao Paolo data center.

What Prominic’s Customers Say About Us

“Moving our and our clients data to Prominic freed up the much needed time to focus on our priorities and enabled us to professionally give our clients the best, most responsive service possible. Not only has Prominic been flexible and responsive in meeting our needs, they gave us valuable technical counseling to help with our planning over the years. When working with Prominic, you can tell they care about your business, almost like a family would. If you ever have any questions, a knowledgeable human being there is just a simple phone call away.”

Jaime Zapata, Principal, Vigilus, LLC

“Prior to moving to Prominic, we hosted internally and were faced with continuous challenges supporting our environment. With Prominic’s secure hosting infrastructure and knowledgeable technical staff, we’re assured our applications are available and perform reliably as expected. We are a global company, so stability and performance are important to us. Unlike with some cloud hosts, Prominic staff always takes the time to learn our business and work with us as a consultative partner. We feel our business is truly valued. If you talk to them, it is readily apparent that they not only are enthusiastic about hosting technology but also customer service.”

Frank Gullo, CTO, Aleron Inc

“As a software solutions provider,  moving our servers to Prominic has allowed us to focus more on the application platform technology rather than having to spend resources on maintaining and administrating servers. Their customer service and technical support is outstanding and timely. It’s important for us to have an ongoing technical support conversation with the same support staff, which you don’t get with some other hosting or cloud providers. With Prominic we get that along with a deep knowledge of the HCL Domino platform, the core technology for our products. We can definitely recommend them to any company looking for a provider to entrust their mission critical applications and needs a secure private environment.”

Richard Moy, Managing Director, Phora Group

“As a large building company with employees in different offices, as well as in the field, we have fairly complex technical needs. The biggest advantage for us since coming onboard with Prominic has been not having to worry about infrastructure, hardware, loading times, etc. They have the best customer service we’ve had of any cloud provider. It’s like you’ve got your own team but still have the cloud service advantage. At the end of the day, I know that Prominic staff will work tirelessly to ensure that our business IT operations are up and running.  Whatever it takes, their team will get it done.”

Brian Benson, HELP Software, Inc.

“Stability is the most important thing for us to run our business. Our Prominic servers are always up, so I never need to worry about the availability of service. Prominic staff is professional and we get to work with the same people over the years, which isn’t something you get elsewhere. I feel that I have a personal relationship with them. I believe that you get what you pay for, and Prominic does deliver the service that they promise. 

Bill Ablondi, eBreviary

“Although we’ve been around for more than a decade, Prominic is the first hosting provider that we have worked with. Our experience and service level have been simply excellent. We get a reliable service, so we can run our email without having to worry about server hardware or software. When we have any questions or support issues, Prominic has been very responsive.”

Steven H. Kato, TSG Server & Storage, Inc.

Meet The Leadership Team 


Jon Schultz

Jon Schultz



Justin Hill

Justin Hill


Chief Information Officer

Doug Robinson

Doug Robinson

Vice President of Customer Service

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