Move Your Microsoft Office Online with MS Office 365,
With All The Convenience of the Prominic Cloud


Office Applications Anywhere, on Any Device

Office 365 brings you the freedom to access your familiar Office tools on any iOS or Android device in addition to your computer. You can access the applications online or offline depending on your preference with most Office 365 packages.


Office 365 lets you work across your devices. You can install it on up to 5 devices with some O365 plans. Your files can now always be up to date and easily accessed, edited, shared and managed.


With Office 365 you don’t have to spend time on installing, managing and updating. It’s all done behind the scenes for you already,
so you can just take care of your work.

Prominic.NET Office 365 Hosting vs Microsoft Side-by-Side Comparison

Prominic.NET Cloud
US-based O365 specialists

US-based technical support staff and nighttime coverage in the EU

Setup Assistance from Start to Finish

We will work with Microsoft and our channel partners to fast track the provisioning of your new account.

Platform Migration Assistance

We ensure a smooth transition to O365 from IBM Notes Domino, Gmail, and other platforms

User accounts and groups creation

We handle creation of all user accounts and groups to get your team working in O365 as quickly as possible

BYODomain setup and validation

Our technicians will assist with getting your domain in place and validated

Customized Onboarding Support

We assist you with the setup of your new local Office apps and services

O365 Portal Customization

Company branding can be applied to the O365 portal, providing your users with a familiar entry point to their tools

Security & Compliance configuration

We take care of all needed configuration to ensure your company is working within the industry compliance standards

Quicker Ticket Resolutions

Your tech support and admin issues are are handled by the same top tier staff members who get to know your business and its needs, so they can help you right away

Great Customer Call Experience

Your call is answered right away between 8am - 5pm CST, and we can schedule a callback at your convenience

Modifying Number of Users on Short Notice

We are able to quickly change the number of users and reflect the changes in billing as your needs change

Premium Support and Administration

Built-in full service administration and support of your Office 365 tenant and e-mail accounts.

Cross-product Expertise

Your support team has expertise in several Microsoft products

Microsoft Hosting
US-based O365 specialists

Outsourced call centers

Setup Assistance - from Start to Finish

The entire Office 365 setup process will be completely on your shoulders.

Platform Migration Assistance

Built-in tools, but completely self-service

User accounts and groups creation

Manual user and group additions will be on your plate as well, wasting valuable time better spent elsewhere.


Self-directed setup

Customized Onboarding Support

Getting your staff proficient with their new tools isn't always easy. Microsoft makes this your responsibility.


No customization

Security & Compliance configuration

Microsoft doesn't know your company, security, and audit needs, so they leave it up to you!

Quicker Technical Issue Resolutions

Long call times,due to working with different people and going through several support tiers for more complex admin and technical needs

Great Customer Call Experience

Long hold times, with possible transfers between several departments and support tiers.

Modifying Number of Users on Short Notice

Unable to reduce or increase a number of users on short notice

Premium Support and Administration

Cross-product expertise

Separate departments for Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, and other Office products

Business-class Email to Stay Securely Connected On the Go

Office 365 syncs your emails, calendars, and contacts across your devices in real time. So it’s up to date, no matter what device you’re on. Scheduling is easy, and you can see when people are free or busy with shared calendars.


You can access the admin center from anywhere to set up new user emails, restore recently deleted accounts, create custom scripts, and more. Should you lose your phone, you can wipe all the data remotely. Office 365 email has industry-leading anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtering so you are safe.


Office 365 lets you create a custom email format, even including images. It allows you to also use your own domain and lets you to send messages up to 150 MB.

Mobile Apps to Securely Manage Your Work

Cross-Device Consistency

Office365 give you a consistent experience across its applications and devices, all while keeping your content and formatting the same.

Access Files Anywhere

You can share, store, edit and save your documents anywhere with OneDrive for Business, SharePoint or other services in Office 365.

Expert Support and Services

Get expert help from the Office 365 the US-based support team at Prominic.

Built-in Security Suite

Keep your data secure on phones and tablets through Office 365 built-in security with a set of tools to manage access to data across mobile devices.

Easy Access Controls

Simply set up and manage your security policies for every device in your organization with Office 365 so that data is synced and accessible only on authorized phones and tablets.

Wipe Data Remotely

If your mobile device gets lost or stolen, you can simply wipe all the data remotely so it stays protected.

Online Meetings and Teamwork Made Simple

Meet from Anywhere
In the office, on the road, or with a client or supplier? Video meetings can be quick and easy. And an effective way to do business.

Never miss a meeting
It’s easy to meet and connect online from wherever you are on whatever device works best. No travel time, no travel costs. So you can get more done and keep your projects on budget.

Schedule anytime or meet on the go
Set up online meetings in advance with Outlook integration, or on the fly with a personalized link for easy join.

File Sharing and Collaboration Anywhere

Office 365 provides you with large cloud storage so you can store, share and collaborate on documents with your team. Your files are always up to date.
You can share files inside and outside your company. You can create, edit, and review with others to avoid back-and-forth hassles and save time in the process.
Easily add, respond to, and track comments and status updates on one version of the document.



Select from one of our Office 365 Hosting Packages:

Office 365 Business Essentials
$8 / user / month
  • OneDrive File Sharing
  • Essential Browser-Based MS Office Apps *
  • Exchange Online Email
  • * (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Office 365 Business
$12 / user / month
  • OneDrive File Sharing
  • Web-based Full MS Office Suite *
  • Local Full MS Office Suite (5 Devices per User)*
  • * (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNotes, Publisher, Access, AND Outlook)
Office 365 Business Premium
$20 / user / month
  • OneDrive File Sharing
  • Web-based Full MS Office Suite*
  • Local Full MS Office Suite (5 Devices per User)*
  • Exchange Online Email
  • Productivity Offering
  • * (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNotes, Publisher, Access, AND Outlook)
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