Secure Cloud Hosting By A Company That Respects Your Data & Privacy

We offer state of the art private and managed cloud that gives you transparency and control over your data.

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Prominic.NET is a cloud hosting provider focused on privacy, security, and expert management of top technology platforms

Decades of Business Partnership and Managed Hosting Services for HCL, IBM, Microsoft, VMware, WordPress, and Other Major Software Brands

HCL Hosting

Industry leading Notes, Domino, Volt, Connections, & Sametime hosting from the only official North American HCL Cloud Hosting Managed Service Provider.


VMWare Hosting

Cloud-hosted virtual servers and desktops powered by VMware’s enterprise-preferred virtualization platform.


Microsoft Hosting

Comprehensive management of SQL, 365, Exchange, RemoteApp, and more.

Wordpress Hosting

If your business needs a higher level of security, reliability, and support when it comes to your WordPress hosting, you have come to the right place.

Technology Partnerships

Our Hosting Solutions

Your Search For The Right Hosting Provider Is Over

Prominic.NET Offers a Wide Range of Customized Enterprise Hosting Solutions, simplified for SMB.

All with a US Midwest-based in-house technical support.

Private Cloud

Prominic’s fully managed private cloud is like having your own on-premises data center but in our cloud. You have full control over your environment and our support team becomes an extension of your own IT staff

Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops

Concerned with keeping your proprietary data off company user’s laptops while being able to centrally control security and applications on all company devices? VDI may be the answer.


Dedicated Servers

Single-tenant customizable infrastructure built for your specific needs. You know exactly where all your data is and who has access to it.


HIPAA Compliant Hosting

With annual SSAE-18 compliance audits and ongoing staff HIPAA compliance training, Prominic offers a reliable and secure hosting platform for the healthcare industry.

High Availability Hosting

Our multi-server clusters across separate data centers ensure your data is always available so your business goes on uninterrupted no matter what.

Custom Application Hosting

Reliable and scalable cloud platform and a team with expertise in custom application support. 

Cloud Backup

Protect your on-premises business data from costly loss by backing it up to our cloud. Easily upload, access, and restore your data using Prominic’s cloud backup service.

Remote Application Deployment

Remote deployment of select applications across your entire company allows you to standardize, control and protect your critical applications.


Domino V14 is here!

Domino V14: All-in-One Collaboration Suite Includes HCL Verse, HCL Nomad & Ontime Group Calendar
More on Nomad WebMore about Domino 14

Our commitment to data privacy

You Own Your Data. Period.

We provide a safe home for it.

There are two things that truly set Prominic.NET apart from most cloud giants: our data ownership philosophy and commitment to forming true partnerships.

We are dedicated to protecting our customers’ data privacy, sovereignty and ownership. We don’t hide behind small print to mine your data. We can tell exactly where your data lives, who has access to it, and why.


Data Privacy

We don’t mine your data. We don’t collect your users’ data. We take great care to minimize access to your data by our staff. 

Data Sovereignty

We keep your data in our US data centers or in our EU data centers, based on your location and preference. We will never switch its location between regions without your instruction.

Data Security

We employ enterprise-grade security measures to protect your hosting environment and your data from external risks, such as bad actors, malware, or viral attacks.

Data continuity

We continually invest in resilient infrastructure that is able to withstand extreme weather events, accidents, and hardware failure to safeguard you from data loss or outages affecting your business.

Stellar Support

We assign a dedicated support team who gets to know your business and can become an extension to your IT team. Our support is provided in-house with phone support from the Midwest in the USA.

Reliable SSAE-16 Infrastructure

Our data centers are subject to annual audits and are both SSAE-18 SOC-1 and SOC-2 certified.

Our commitment to partnership

More than a provider, a partner. 

You are not just another number. Your business is unique and important, regardless of size. 

We believe in getting to know our customer’s technical and business needs and goals and coming up with the best hosting solution. You will work with the same support staff that is familiar with your needs. We believe in forming true partnerships with our customers and providing outstanding support and creative solutions for years to come.


Cost Effective Solutions

Thanks for our proprietary STARTcloud virtualization platform and custom licensing agreements with vendors like IBM, Microsoft, VMware and others, Prominic provides the best service at the lowest cost.

Perfect for SaaS Infrastructure Hosting

We partner with software-as-a-service and cloud-application developers to provide a reliable, scalable and redundant hosting environment for their mission-critical SaaS applications.

Prominic Cloud: See the Difference

Help Choosing the Best Hosting Solution for Your Needs and Budget
Help Migrating Your Data and Applications
Proactive Management of Your Hosting Environment
Keeping Your Servers & OS Updated to Ensure it’s Secure and Running Smoothly
Complete Management of Complex Hosting Infrastructure
Expert Support From People Who Know Your Setup And Needs
Prominic.NET Cloud
DIY Cloud Hosting (AWS, Linode, Digital Ocean etc.)

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“The absolute best transition you’re ever going to see is when you hear nothing about it, and that was my role with Prominic. I heard nothing about our transition. It was seamless, smooth, and from my perspective, easy. I’m sure it wasn’t but I greatly appreciate the partnership with Prominic that made this a reality.”


David Frigstad, Chairman, Frost & Sullivan


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