The best of XPages and HCL (IBM) Notes Domino Resources:

Education, Events, Tools and Services

HCL (IBM) Domino and Xpages Community and Education Resources Lotus Notes has a passionate and active community, with organizations and user groups dedicated to advancement of the HCL (IBM) Domino technology and educating IT professionals on the full capabilities and latest developments in the Notes Domino and Xpages platforms. Here is a good place to start if you're looking for educational or informational HCL (IBM) Notes Domino resources.

DominoHelp: Domino Community Help Website

The website has been created with the mission of serving as a community-driven resource of information on all things Domino.

IBM Notes and Domino Wiki


The official Wiki maintained by IBM, featuring product documentation, community articles, learning materials and API documentation.



OpenNTF supports the open source community and provides a platform for sharing applications and useful code for the Notes and Domino technology.



XPages.info focuses on practical XPages application development and education.



MWLUG (Midwest Lotus Users Group)  operates the annual conference in the US  to help build the IBM collaboration technology community.



Engage is a major User Group and an annual conference operating from the Western EU, focusing on all IBM Collaboration Solutions and Analytics.

Planet Lotus


Planet Lotus is the most comprehensive blogroll of the Notes Domino community’s content creators and experts

HCL (IBM) Domino and Xpages Applications and Software Tools HCL (IBM) Domino ecosystem has a thriving application development marketplace with amazing software continuously being created and upgraded by an array of software studios across the world. Here are our favorite HCL (IBM) Notes Domino resources in software and applications.

Just For Domino


Just For Domino is a marketplace that features apps for everything Domino from email and administration tools to apps that help with productivity, development and training.

Maysoft SpamSentinel


Maysoft provides SpamSentinel and other great anti-spam tools for Domino.

Panagenda MarvelClient & iDNA


Panagenda’s Marvel Client and iDNA, as well as their other IBM Domino focused software, simplify the tasks of analyzing, management and administration of Domino data and environment

Ytria scanEZ for IBM Notes Development
& IBM Domino Administration

scanEZ offers Lotus Notes developers and Domino administrators faster ways to access data inside in a Notes database; faster ways to edit data; better ways to search through data; and new ways to solve common Notes database problems—all without any views or agents.

Martin Scott NoteMan


A toolbar for Lotus admins, NoteMan fills in the gaps between what Lotus Notes/Designer/Admin do and what you need to get done. And with just a few clicks and no design changes.

Teamstudio Developer Tools


Teamstudio’s developer tools provide solutions for build automation, source code control, performance monitoring, and more.



Darwino allows you to extend the Domino data and functionality to the cloud and mobile.

HCL (IBM) Domino and Xpages Modernization

Structure4Notes by Prominic

Structure4Notes allows you to to take the unstructured basis of Notes/Domino data and easily migrate it to true SQL, making it structured and organized.

  • Stop writing custom Java or Lotuscript agents to query Notes data
  • Performance optimize the necessary sections of my Domino classic or newer XPages web applications.
  • Avoid costly SQL licensing by using the powerful Postgres server which runs on all platforms.



Docova Analyzer tool allows analysis of your Notes and Domino environment to start getting answers on how much it will cost and how long it will take to migrate your environment off the Domino platform.



LDC Via helps migrate your Domino data to MongoDB using their on-line and desktop utilities.

Red Pill Now


Red Pill Now provides Lotus Notes modernization, data integration and Notes consulting and development.

HCL (IBM) Domino and Xpages Consultants



PSC offers a wide range of consulting services with a deep knowledge of IBM Domino technology.



TeamCentric provides consulting services focused on IBM Collaboration Solutions

Best Methods


Best Methods offers consulting services for organizations using IBM Notes.



Belsoft Collaboration provides award-winning consulting services focused on collaboration solutions, software development and licensing.

Whitsell Consulting


Whitsell consulting is a full service consulting firm with a wide range of services and software tools built around IVM Domino

HCL (IBM) Domino and Xpages CRM & Productivity

Visit InSight



Visit InSight tracks your anonymous website visitors and their behavior.




Riva intelligently integrates your CRM and Notes email systems.

VMobile CRM



VMobile is a collaborative CRM solution that enables people within your company to organize, track, access and share detailed contact and customer information when and where they need it.