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Build complete native Domino apps in minutes with Volt, HCL's new low-code platform. Develop great-looking enterprise-grade applications quickly and without specialized IT skills.
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HCL Leap (formerly HCL Domino Volt) is a new low-code platform from HCL that makes it easy to develop powerful, secure, and enterprise-grade workflow-based applications.

You get all the benefits of the proven Domino platform with built-in scalability, reliability, and security. 

You don’t need any specialized Domino or IT skills to rapidly develop applications with Volt.


HCL Leap Features

New capabilities On proven Platform

With HCL Leap (formerly HCL Domino Volt, you get low-code tools with built-in scalability, reliability, and security.

Add a new low-code tool to your team’s arsenal while taking advantage of everything Domino has to offer.

Fast Application Development

Build apps 60-70% faster with Leap. 


Anyone can build departmental to mission-critical apps with no specialized IT or Domino skills.

People closest to the business are now empowered to build new solutions or processes with minimal IT intervention.


Easily build apps complete with workflows

Create workflows within your app to automate painful and error-ridden manual processes that come with spreadsheets and paper trails

Centralizing the governance of your processes increases accuracy and security of your data.

Turn spreadsheet data into apps inminutes

Create apps with role-based security built-in, instead of editing and emailing Excel documents.

Reduce the reliance on file-sharing, while improving the quality of your data and lowering security risks.

Integrate and extend your enterprise’s apps

Use REST APIs to integrate with your enterprise (or any) data sources. Extend the functionality of your apps with SaaS solutions like SAP, Salesforce, Workday, and more.

From simple to sophisticated solutions, there are no limits to the types of apps you can build.

Customize Appearance and Functionality

Using basic CSS and JavaScript skills, every form, workflow, and report can be made to align with your processes and branding.

With this flexibility, your apps look and work the way you want, and can be deployed anywhere — including your corporate portal or website.

Installs quickly, with no extra admin or training

HCL Leap apps are Domino apps, with no complexity, new servers, or new hires required.

Using your existing Domino infrastructure saves your company both time and money.

Extend your apps with Domino tools

Adding server-based processes or delivering mobile apps is easy using tools you already know.

Save on development time and reuse your existing data and processes.

Built for use worldwide

31 languages are supported, and formats are based on your locale.

Build apps faster in your local language and create app experiences that truly work all over the world. 



Anyone from business users to IT developers can quickly build applications to support the business’s critical needs. Eliminate manual processes and turn spreadsheet data into workflow apps with role-based security built-in.


Use REST APIs to add your enterprise’s data sources and extend your app’s functionality with other programming tools and integrations with SAP, Salesforce, and more to build more complex solutions.


Maximize your existing Domino investment with Leap. Use your existing Domino infrastructure without additional complexity to manage. It is also easy to extend your Domino Leap apps with Domino tools you already use, such as going mobile with HCL Nomad.


From business-process apps to customer-facing mobile apps, it’s easy to create solutions for any industry —including finance, healthcare, transportation, logistics, manufacturing. There are no limits to the type of apps you can build.


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