What is the Best Way to Manage Your Account?

Install Prominic Native!

Free Your Prominic ® Native

For years Prominic has worked to provide its customers with more than the traditional tools, and has had easy, one-click access to your servers —over FTP, SSH, RDP, or more —available for years.


To make our customer portal truly a one-stop shop we also have all your account billing, update forms, and other controls available from the same place.


As the web has changed, though, so has the way we can best furnish this toolset to you, our valued customer. Thus: the Native Prominic desktop application. All the functionality of our old portal without all the hoops or restrictions needed to run it through a web browser.


Prominic ® Native runs best when it is not trapped inside the limitations of a web browser. We recommend that you download Prominic Native for a better, Flash-free experience.

Download here:

Single-action authentication has now been built-in to Prominic Native and will execute automatically. For more continuous and robust firewall authentication, though, we still make available the GB-Auth application, also in desktop native app.

Download here: