HCL has a great series of webinars on Volt MX Go and the last in that series was a deep dive on Volt Iris and Foundry. Let’s explore what these two tools bring new to the low code development ecosystem.

Volt MX Go aims to help Domino developers extend and modernize their apps in a way that maximizes and future-proofs the skill investment. At the same time, you now have a tool that helps you automate and save 60% of the labor needed when developing an app.

Here is an overview of HCL’s Volt MX:


Domino Glossary for Volt MX

This little visual explanation comes to help you find your way better in Volt MX if you are a Domino developer.

Domino Glossary HCL Volt
HCL Volt MX Domino Glossary

This little visual explanation comes to help you find your way better in Volt MX if you are a Domino developer.


Iris is the IDE you will use for your app development. It enables multi-channel app design and rapid development with cloud collaboration and enterprise-grade cross-platform support with low code.

The purpose of Iris is to: Define, Design, and Deliver. You can achieve a faster development pace through the rapid, visual assembly using pre-wired components, templates, and sample apps for an 80% reduction in code. 

Key things that Iris offers:

  • Real-Time Preview
  • MultiModal
  • Visual Workflow Editor
  • Cross Platform APIs
  • Foundry Integration 
  • Native / Web Prototyping

Volt MX: Flare

Volt MX: Flare

The webinar had a great demo so you can see Iris in action and check out for yourselves how easy it is to develop apps with this IDE.

One other great thing about Iris is the test automation:

  • Create test suites and test plans that contain test cases using built-in test recorder
  • You can run test suites from within Iris
  • Ability to group failed Test Cases and re-run the Tests
  • Cross-App Testing

It’s not news to anyone that any application you develop needs to be secure. Your data needs to be safe from potential foul play. In order to achieve that, Iris lends a hand with:

  • Defend against compromise:
    • Advanced Obfuscation
    • Code and Resource Encryption
    • Pre-Damage
    • Metadata Removal
  • Detect attacks at Runtime
    • Checksum
    • Debug Detection
    • Resource Verification
    • Jailbreak / Root Detection
    • Swizzling Detection
    • Hook Detection
  • React to ward off attacks:
    • Shut Down (Exist, Fail)
    • Self-Repair
    • Custom Reactions
    • Alert / Phone Home

All of the above work together to provide a protected application that is Self-defending, Tamper-resistant, and Hardened against hacking attacks and malware exploits.


Foundry represents middleware services. Open standards-based development with enterprise-grade backend services. Gain greater agility, visibility, and control of your enterprise apps.

Its goal is to achieve more than 60% reduction in time to market with pre-built backend adapters. HCL’s set of enterprise services powers client applications and integrates with any back-end data or systems with ease.

Foundry: Comprehensive Backend Services

Foundry: Comprehensive Backend Services

Foundry: Comprehensive Backend Services

Invoking Foundry Workflow Services

  • Objects
    • Associated with Object Services
    • Triggered based on an update to a specific Object attribute (e.g. TicketStatus)
  • Events
    • Invoked via Events from within Foundry
    • Events can be created from client apps, Foundry services, or 3rd party systems
  • APIs
    • Invoked from a client using REST API via Integration Services
    • Supports both Sync and Async Responses
    • Parallel Gateway from Workflows

Here is an overview of the Engagement Services offered by Volt MX:

 Engagement Services Volt MX

As a conclusion, Volt MX offers you all the tools you need to take your low-code development game to the next level. Great backend services through Foundry and a comprehensive IDE through Iris. 

Make sure to watch the recording of this webinar as it does have some demos which will show you the capabilities of these two tools.

For any help with your journey with Volt MX Go, we are just an email away, so write to us and we will help you choose the best solution for you.