Engage 2023 has been quite a conference and has also given a change to HCL to let us all know what we can expect from them in the future.

Domino v12.0.2 “Danube” Release

HCL Domino Roadmap
  • Empower Users with Better UX
    • Improved UI control of your workspace & Citizen Development
  • Upgrade, deploy and adopt new releases faster
    • Auto Updates & Notifications
    • Packaged with Nomad, Verse & OnTime, more REST API investment
  • Update the Core
    • Java17
    • Modernize Eclipse
  • It’s the Clients! (Nomad Web, Sametime, Verse…)
    • Building the path toward having your apps, meetings, chat and your mail through one thin client experience
  • Reduce Admin workload
    • Do basic administration (user setup) on any device or browser

HCL Domino already has a lot of new features since Domino V10, but HCL is not stopping in improving the platform.

HCL Domino New Features
  • User interface for basic management of server
  • Runs anywhere: Browser, mobile device, or Notes Client (Windows/MacOS)
  • Simplified Domino administration is more flexible and easier to learn, helping enable more resources to contribute to administration.
HCL Domino Admin Central

HCL Domino V14 

HCL Domino V14

HCL Verse

  • Key component of our strategic direction for client offerings
    • HCL Verse and Nomad for end users
    • HCL Verse is a valuable mail solution for our customer base
  • Customers requirements to drive adoption from iNotes to Verse.
HCL Verse Roadmap
  • Key component of our strategic direction for client offerings
    • Verse and Nomad for end users
    • No install client that makes it easy for customers to use apps in web browsers
  • Using customers requirements to driving adoption from Notes to Nomad
HCL Nomad Roadmap

HCL Notes

What Notes 12.0.2 brought:

  • Search
  • Mail Improvements
  • DOMI Improvements
  • Admin – Preferences
  • Multiple Email Accounts
  • Advanced Properties Box
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Workspace Improvements
  • Free/Busy Lookup to O365
  • Autoupgrade ODS

What’s next in Notes V14:


  • All Languages – Day1
  • Mail Merge
  • Delayed Send of Email
  • Extra Large Field Support
  • SNI support in Notes
  • New Version Notification and Checking
  • Restyle updates
  • Making preferences easier to work with
  • Workspace housekeeping improvements
  • Upgrade Java 17, Compiler and Eclipse 4.22
HCL Notes Roadmap

OnTime Group Calendar come completely free for all HCL CCB entitled customers and included with Domino V14 “Thames”.
• Up to 50 users
• 45 days of calendar synchronised
• Mobile add-on
• Share My time

OnTime will have a new feature:  Give external parties access to your calendar by sharing a link. This will allow them to seamlessly view your availability and request meetings. 

If you need help on your journey with Domino and other HCL technology, drop us a line and we are more than happy to help.