HCL has been adding built-in features in recent Domino version releases and Danube is no exception. It includes a freemium version of OnTime Group Calendar for Domino. Let’s dive into this great productivity tool!

What is the problem that OnTime solves?

  • Notes and Domino group calendar functionality is very limited today
  • Customers want better group calendar provision with a modern interface
  • No group calendar functionality in Verse

What is the solution to those issues?

  • A new group calendar solution to all Domino CCB customers
  • Industry leading UI and functionality
  • Produced and supported by a respected business partner: HCL and IntraVision partnership.

    Here is what you get with OnTime Freemium:

    OnTime Calendar

    Once Thames will be made available, OnTime will be included in Domino.For Danube you will need to go to the website and get it from there.

    It does give you the option of managing your day a lot easier and keeping everything in order not just for yourself but your team as well.

    Here is what OnTime Calendar looks like in Notes:

    OnTime Calendar Notes view

    You can manage not only your own calendar but that of your coworkers as well:

    OnTime Calendar Notes view

    The weekly planner will lend you a hand in managing your teams week more efficiently:

    OnTime Calendar Weekly Planner

    Also a great thing about OnTime is that you will also have it on your mobile as well, so you can manage your day even when you are not at the office.

    OnTime Calendar Mobile

    Collabshere’s presentation had a great demo which will help you get a better view of everything OnTime has to offer.

    If you are a Prominic customer, please reach out to us to activate the freemium version on your account. As always, if you have any questions or would like any assistance with  getting OnTime just drop us a line and you’ll have our support!