HCL has recently made significant announcements that signal its continued commitment to evolving and enhancing its product offerings. These updates span various platforms and solutions, underscoring HCL’s role as a leader in the technology sector. From the end of support for older Domino versions to accolades in endpoint management, and advancements in application security testing, here’s a detailed look at what’s new at HCL.

End of Support for Domino 11: Streamlining for the Future

HCL has announced that support for Domino 11 will end in June 2025. This decision follows the recent termination of support for Notes/Domino 9 and 10, signaling a strategic shift towards maintaining a streamlined, up-to-date product lineup. HCL’s regular release cycle indicates that as new major versions are introduced, older versions will be phased out. This approach ensures that there will always be 2-3 major releases supported, aligning with industry norms and reducing the complexity of maintaining outdated versions.

This policy encourages users to keep their Domino environments current, leveraging the latest features and improvements. Anticipation is already building for the first early access version beyond Domino 14.0, expected later this year. This consistent update cycle underscores the importance of staying updated with HCL’s latest offerings.

Simplified Licensing for HCL Domino

In a move aimed at reducing complexity, HCL announced the completion of its Domino portfolio licensing simplification, effective June 12, 2024. This transition away from older, more complicated licensing models marks a significant step forward in making HCL Domino more accessible and easier to manage. The simplified licensing includes clearer structures around Messaging CALs, PVUs, and Collaboration Express, enhancing the overall user experience.

HCL BigFix: Industry Leader in Endpoint Management

HCL BigFix continues to set the standard in unified endpoint management. The platform’s ability to manage all endpoints efficiently has earned HCLSoftware the prestigious title of Customers’ Choice in the 2024 Gartner® Voice of the Customer for Unified Endpoint Management Tools. This recognition reflects the positive feedback from customers and the relentless effort of the HCL BigFix team to deliver top-tier solutions. Customer feedback remains a cornerstone of HCL’s development strategy, driving continuous improvement and innovation.

Emphasizing Application Security with HCL AppScan

In today’s digital era, the importance of robust cybersecurity measures cannot be overstated, especially for governments. HCL AppScan provides fast, accurate, and agile application security testing, an essential tool for protecting digital governance infrastructures. The critical need for application security is thoroughly explored in the whitepaper, “Enhancing Government Cybersecurity: The Imperative for Application Security Testing,” highlighting the role of AppScan in fortifying government defenses against cyber threats.

Enhancing Digital Experiences with HCL Digital Experience

HCL’s commitment to delivering personalized and integrated digital experiences is evident in the HCL Digital Experience platform. This platform combines content, applications, and services to provide a seamless user experience. A prime example is the HCL Total Experience, an all-in-one solution offering microservices, BPM, CMS, and app development capabilities. This platform is particularly transformative for the banking sector, enabling institutions to deliver tailored experiences across various channels and enhancing customer engagement.

HCL’s latest announcements demonstrate a clear vision for the future, focusing on product simplification, regular updates, and customer-centric innovations. By phasing out older versions, simplifying licensing, leading in endpoint management, prioritizing application security, and enhancing digital experiences, HCL continues to position itself at the forefront of technological advancement. These developments not only streamline operations for current users but also set a robust foundation for future innovations.